Tell your story.

Tell your story.

I have the incredible privilege of being able to hold space and bear witness to some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met, as they walk paths of resistance, and realize what they’re made of.

They allow me to bear witness to their pain, and they give me permission to help them reshape their perception of their experience of pain and the purpose it serves in their story.

They allow me to challenge them and the story they think they have to live up to….. until they realize it’s the story they’ve been told about their lives and who they are…. and they didn’t write that story.

They allow me to offer them new language, as they begin to write their own story, once and for all.

Most importantly – they give me the permission to witness them step into their power, and finally own what has always been theirs…..

Their identity.

Your story, your identity…..

The world needs it. Warts and all. Every single part of that story holds value, because you wouldn’t be you without all those little cracks and crevices.

I have the incredible privilege of being invited to hear stories all day, in the most humble and vulnerable ways. It is ALWAYS inspiring.

Know that you matter.

The world is waiting for you.

Tell your story.

Author: Kelly Lynch

I am a single mom... life coach... nutrition coach... personal trainer... licensed therapist... I am epic, raw, bold, operating always on integrity, and unapologetically authentic.

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